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After been using Vim for a long time. I’ve decided to venture into the creation of my first vim plugin.

It’s a very simple plugin that allows you to iterate over a list of possible dictionaries used for spell checking. The idea is to be able to activate the spell checking (:set spell) in case it is deactivated and iterate over a configurable list of languages.

The following function accomplish the objective.

let g:SpellLangList = get(g:, 'SpellLangList', [])

" Cycle through spelllang list and toggle spell
function! ToggleCycleSpellLang()
    if ! &spell
        setlocal spell
        let l:lang_index = index(g:SpellLangList, &spelllang)
        let l:lang_index = (l:lang_index + 1) % len(g:SpellLangList)
        let &spelllang = g:SpellLangList[l:lang_index]

        if l:lang_index == 0
            setlocal nospell

It’ll be possible to configure the list of languages and the keybindings as follows:

let g:SpellLangList= ["en_us", "es", "en_us,es"]
nnoremap <F6> :call ToggleCycleSpellLang()<CR>

Consequently pressing F6 will enable spell check for the current buffer (:set spell), and pressing F6 successively will be changing current language used for spell checking (:set spelllang=es) until finally disable spell check again (:set nospell).

I’ve uploaded the plugin to a github repository, and I’ve added similar funcionality related with quickfix and location windows.

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